Update on Unity3D version of Mana²

Webplayer Demo Screenshot

The base of the remake of Mana² in the Unity3D engine is moving along nicely, even with the lack of time I've been having to work on it the last couple of weeks. Even as far as working on it during the breaks on my regular job.
I wanted to push a new demo version out already last week, but it got delayed a bit because it didn't work like I wanted, and wasn't translated yet.
Anyway, I now have a "working" test version on the site using the Unity3D Web Player.
The demo is currently limited to 1 player solitary mode and the "how to play" mode. Supported languages are English and Dutch for now.
Note 1) The web player does not support touch screens and is only for desktops
Note 2) Current the only working magic you get is Purging Flames, and a few status magics that don't have any visuals with them yet
Note 3) If you want to test a standalone "demo", or the android version, please contact me.