Mana² (read: mana squared) is a puzzle game with RPG elements mixed in that's also fun in a multi-player environment.
The game plays pretty much like any "connect-four-of-the-same-colored-block" types of games like PuyoPuyo, Dr.Robotniks Mean Bean Machine and Kirby's Avalanch for example, but is specifically designed to be fun multi-player for more than two players.

Let there be fire!

... or at least some very basic animation of it.
Implemented the Purging Flames (fire) magic to the game. The Inventory and MP code isn't finished yet, so for now you can simply cast fire by pressing Enter.
When using a magic, the game will now play a little anime-action-style animation before returning to the game and actually doing the spell.

Testing Avatars

The live demo has been updated to the latest version I'm currently working on.
That means that there is currently some very basic avatar animations going on during gameplay.
Also basic translation for Dutch (NL) has been added and can be changed in the settings.
For the Avatars, I'm planning to use Spine from Esoteric Software and the current knight avatar is just one of their demo files. It's not supposed to stay, but I haven't drawn a replacement for it yet.

Moving to Godot engine

So after what appears to be 8-ish years or so according to my posts here, I've going to give it another attempt at getting this game finished.
This time I'm using the Godot Engine, and so far, it's moving along pretty smoothly.
I did start over all the way from scratch, so it'll still take a while before we're back at the same level as the last demo build that's currently still for download but expired.
I did however remove the unity web player I had before, and replaced it with my current debug build of the game.

Added job-select to Versus

In the last update for the Unity3D client of Mana² and the "Test Version" on this site, I've added a basic job-select to the game.
It will let players pick the job they want to play as when playing in Versus modes. Please note that the Freelancer job cannot have it's magics edited yet, nor will it ever be available to do so in future demo versions.
Each job has it's own sets of magics and items, some also affect the manapool and other mysterious things.

Update on Unity3D version of Mana²

Webplayer Demo Screenshot

The base of the remake of Mana² in the Unity3D engine is moving along nicely, even with the lack of time I've been having to work on it the last couple of weeks. Even as far as working on it during the breaks on my regular job.
I wanted to push a new demo version out already last week, but it got delayed a bit because it didn't work like I wanted, and wasn't translated yet.
Anyway, I now have a "working" test version on the site using the Unity3D Web Player.

Bugfix: User CP

There is now a update available with several bugfixes and a few minor tweaks to the interface and gameplay.
You can get it with the in-game updater, or download a fresh copy from the downloads section.
The most important bugfix is related to incorrect calculations of the user's MaxCP to be spend in the editor (frankly I'm surprised I didn't even notice this one for a long time)
This patch will probably drastically increase your MaxCP.

Server update and bugfixes

I've published a new update to the test server and game client that will add the ability to keep track of win/loss rate when playing online.
I will add something to check this at a later time, but it will keep track of it as of now.
I've also noticed that the user stats were inproperly loaded when reading a user's stats file. This resulted it all game-specific related stats to be lost or scrambled. This issue has been fixed, and your stats among your playtime should once again correct from now on.

About online rankings and leaderboard

I'm currently working on some server updates that'll allow players to keep a track of their win/loss when playing online.
I'm also considering of adding a "Gamer Score Value" in addition to the regular score you get. The GSV will be a calculated value that will represent the efficiency of your score, and will be a better starting point for making a Top-10 list for the leaderboards. It will e calculated depending on your score, and time needed to get to that score.

Minor bug fixes

In this week's update(s), there were a few minor bugfixes. Nothing all too fancy;
- A issue where names with spaces would get truncated after connecting online (should be restored on next connect)
- Some minor memory leaks (not even big ones, like 2KB at most)
- Added server's user information when connected to a server (also updated the test server for this)
Because of the small changes, and the old client still being compatible with the new server, I won't release the update within the installer yet, so just update from in-game to get it.


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