Added job-select to Versus

In the last update for the Unity3D client of Mana² and the "Test Version" on this site, I've added a basic job-select to the game.
It will let players pick the job they want to play as when playing in Versus modes. Please note that the Freelancer job cannot have it's magics edited yet, nor will it ever be available to do so in future demo versions.
Each job has it's own sets of magics and items, some also affect the manapool and other mysterious things.
In addition to the job, there's now also a settings menu, and the game has been polished a bit more graphically.
If you are having trouble running the game at a decent frame-rate, then put the graphics setting to "Fast", this will lower texture quality, and disable most of the 3D backgrounds and effects.
Hope you will enjoy this update.