Bugfix: Job Select

The job select wasn't working as intended when playing local multi-player.
This and a few other minor bugs have been fixed since this morning's update

Bug-fix: Cursed

There's a critical patch available that will prevent the game from "hanging" when certain conditions are met that are related to the Curse status
Please run the updater, or download the new installer to prevent nasty stuff.

Added online leaderboards

I'm happy to announce that the newest version of Mana Squared now has online leaderboard functionality !
To update to the newest version, just use the in-game updater, or download the newest installer from the downloads page.

Changes to Multi-Player

In today's patch (download from in-game), I've tweaked the joystick controls a bit, to allow local multi-player starting from 1 joystick connected. In this case, the keyboard will control Player1, and Joystick1 to control Player2 and so on. Also every "unused" joystick will also control Player1. Basically, if you have two joysticks connected, you can either play with 3 people use keyboard + 2 joysticks, or 2 people using joysticks.

Added job-select to local multi-player

Instead of simply copying Player1's Skill-Tree, other players will now be able to select their Job/Class at the start of a game.
Only jobs that Player1 has unlocked can be selected.
I also tweaked the layout a bit for when you play with 4 players.

Use the in-game "check for updates" to get this patch installed on your game.

Added local multi-player test to the download

Multi-Player Menu Entry

I'm happy to announce that local multi-player test version is currently available as demo.
Current limitations are:

- Maximum number of players equals the number of gamepads connected (it won't show up in the menu if you only have 1 connected)

- Local Multi-Player modes are currently limited to a maximum of 4 players ( and the layout looks terrible when you do ^.^ )

- All "Guest Players" will have the same job and skills as Player 1 (will add a selector or randomizer for this later)

Local Multi-Player

As a little update, I'm currently working on local multi-player (versus and co-op). It'll probably be a while until I release a new version again, especially with the current situation I'm in. But don't worry, I will do my best to see this project to the end !

Bugfix: Tower Mode

I've uploaded a bugfix for players who are unable to play the Tower Modes (will give a empty screen if you have this)
You can get it by using the game's own patch feature, I won't update the installer at this point for this however.

Also included is a small update to the graphics, it should now be easier to play for color-blind people. As a side-effect it will be easier for non-color-blind people to play while under in-game the status effect "colorblind", if that makes any sense at all ^_^

Bugfixes and Jobs/Classes

Job Select

Since I found a rather fatal bug for PCs with older hardware or Windows, I was kinda forced to rush the next version asap. Namely, the game wouldn't start by giving a dxgi.dll file not found error, and there was no way to get around this (other than having DX10+ installed). This however also means, that I had to include the current version of Jobs/Classes as well with it (as I don't have a older source to work from).

Finally a new layout !

New Solo Layout

Hi it's been a couple of months, but it's finally here. The new update to the Mana Squared Demo !
The general user interface has been largely re-made, and has a new layout. It should now also be compatible when using on a portrait-style screen. Some changes have been made to the user data files and the hi-score files, resulting most likely in loss of all your previous game data.
Some of the the biggest changes are:
- Check for updates in-game. This will check for updates, download and install them
- Re-newed layout using HP-Bars


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