Demo V20130529 is now available

This update includes bug-fixes and a little improvement on the mouse interface to work more like you'd expect it to be.
- Pause now works correctly on computers that don't have a joystick plugged in
- Low quality main menu now loads correctly
- Added Credits
- Changed some GUI elements
- Added command-line parameter "--nojoy" to completely disable joystick support should you still have problems with controls, or simply don't wish to enable it

Did a small bugfix

I fixed a small bug I stumbled alone that would allow a player to cheat in a online match, but I've updated the download section with a new installer.

Edit: I quick-fixed the pause game bug

Demo V20130525 now available

The new demo of Mana Squared is now available.
New features include; new menus, and online play, updated achievements, a few bugfixes.
I will try to keep the server up as much as possible, if it isn't running or is unreachable for you, then please let me know. (it should be called "Ixion Alpha [BE]")
Please note that the online matchmaking features requires at least 2 people on the server doing this at the same time :p
Due to the game being not at all that popular at the moment, you might be hard pressed to find a opponent this way.
Enjoy ...

Next up the interface

So all the online game play code we need for now is in the game. That just leaves us to build a new interface for the game when it is online (currently uses a commandline to get things done)
Another problem I still have is, on what and where will I run the game server.

Online code nearing completion

The in-game code for playing online (or in a network) is nearing it's completion.
It will still be awhile before I release this as a new demo however. The interface for lobbies is pretty much non-existent as of now (have to do everything with a command-line atm). Also I'd like to make a little "Automatic Match Making"-button first that will group players into a single lobby to play.
I am however interested if you want me to help me do some tests with 4 or more players in a online game.
Hope I can finish this soon.

Server info update

Haven't updated this in a while, but that's because I haven't done anything on the game for a couple of months.
But the last week I've been making some good progress on it again.
My internal test client and server are done. (only need to add new function to them when I need them)
And I've integrated a debug version in the actual game that for now does about the same as the test-client.
I hope to be able to make a new updated Game client to put on the site soon, but it will not yet contain a personal server.

Information on the server progress

Development screenshot of the mana2 server in action

The progress on making a dedicated game-server is moving along nicely. In my local client I am now able to connect to the server, create a game lobby, join a lobby, perform a teamswitch, perform a readycheck, and the server will send a game-start event to all players in the lobby when all users have performed the readycheck. This might not seem like a lot, but it does all this without any error (so far :p)

Now with more particles

I've added a installer to the download section for a new version of the Demo.
The most notable updates in this demo include.
- Support for Gamepad (hardcoded for a XBox360 controller layout at this moment)
- More particle effects
- Upgraded the score for various magics that kill blocks
- Implementation of the following Magics and Skills: Meteor, Multi-Magic, Recycle (they do require a lot of CP to unlock)

Enjoy !

A new demo version is available V20121118

There is a new version available at the downloads page.
Not much is included except a extended demo time and some updates to the user interface. The user-select dialog has been replaced with a in-game menu.
You now also have a "fake fullscreen" option in the settings menu instead of the "fit to window" option. It's actually the same, but it takes care of the size and borders for you :p

About the skill tree

It'll probably be some time before I'll make a new demo available to the public again. The reason for it is that I'm currently working on the Skill-Tree that you can use to customize your character.
What this basically means is that you will be able to customize which skills you have and what magics and items can spawn for your during your game. This will only be available if you are not playing as a guest however (in which case you'll have about the same skills as you use now).


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